three lamps

i love lamp

there are three table lamps in my room that are very significant to me.

the first one i bought in my placement year as i needed to brighten up my rented room at the time. from then on, i thought it would be a good idea to buy a lamp whenever i got a new job/place or accomplished something big. these lamps would act as nice little beacons of achievement that spruce up my room and hopefully remind me how far i’ve come.

i chose the lamps very carefully as i want to use them for the rest of my life. obviously, build quality was important but the story behind each lamp all somehow link to where i was at the time as a designer. at the moment, there’s only three lamps which isn’t a lot. however, they mark important stages in my design career so far:



Anglepoise Original 1227

i bought the first lamp whilst i was on my placement year as a product engineer. i become interested in cool mechanisms and i learnt a lot about stripping down products to really simple, functional forms. i needed a side light for my room and i wanted to get something mechanically driven to reflect my role.

the anglepoise 1227 was an obvious choice. it’s a design classic and this 75th anniversary model cherry picks the best details from all of the previous iterations. this lamp sits on my desk and is the perfect task light for when im on the laptop or doing my sketching/projects. 

Philips LivingColors Iris

after graduation i worked as a kitchen designer. i grew an interest in furniture design but i became more aware of how space could be used effectively. at the time i had a really cool loft apartment in the town centre. it was small but it was the perfect size to take advantage of one bright ambient light. 

i’ve blogged about the Philips LivingColors Iris before. with a touch of the button on the remote control you can bathe a room in colour and cycle through different hues depending on the mood. it’s beautiful glowing orb that reflects my appreciation for interiors and how spaces can make you feel.


Wrong for Hay Turn On Lamp

when i moved to the city i was dazzled by so much harsh lighting. its a blinding, artificial light and i didn’t realise how much it would tire my eyes out. i needed a night light for my bedside table. it had to be something exciting and modern but also compact to reflect my new urban surroundings.

the Turn On lamp from Hay is a beautifully satisfying lamp to use. you twist the aluminium base to regulate the brightness of the glass globe. its a calming action and it gives off a gentle, warm light. its perfect to wind down to before going to bed. 


i understand it’s a bit of a weird tradition but i find that lamps are a great choice to act as little totems due to their variation in form and function and how personal they can be. there are other things you can treat yourself to like watches but i think that’s too hidden away and restrictive. there’s satisfaction in shedding light on the story behind a purchase and i hope to gather a few more lamps to recognise life’s little accomplishments. (just a few more).

all photos shot on iPhone 6s. edited in VSCO Cam/instagram