record table

i inherited the turntable and record collection from my dad and i wanted to create a nice setup for it. i had an odd corner in the flat that i wanted to fill so i measured everything up and played around with some ideas.


the ikea EXPEDIT shelf units are ideal for a small setup but it was too big for the space. i also wanted something with a bit more texture. after mocking up some ideas in illustrator i grabbed a couple of concrete blocks, cut up a sheet of OSB and assembled a fitted table.

this turned out well, so i added another level, some nice pull out drawers and a display area for the sleeve. it’s a simple assembly but i wanted to make it easy to put together and shift about whilst i played around with cables at the back.


apart from the drawers, there are no fixings in the table – everything is held together by the properties of the materials. the concrete blocks are great as it adds plenty of weight for stability and ensures everything is lined up nicely. osb is cheap, rigid and the flakes add a bit of character.

i wanted to build something myself rather than buy-in a flat pack piece of furniture. a kit from ikea looks pretty neat in the showroom but  pretty disappointing when you study and assemble it at home. records and old audio gear were built to last your entire lifetime – it didnt feel right storing them in something that will fall apart a year later.

in addition to the stuff i picked up from storage, i traded for some nice albums at a cd and vinyl fair that same weekend. to complete the setup i got a good deal on a nice pioneer receiver from ebay.



full table




the ledge for the sleeve is a just a strip of osb with dowels to hold everything in place. viewing the large artwork on the sleeve is part of the appeal of listening to vinyl. its great to swap records over or leave an album on display.


there are two big drawers to store records and they come with a nice leather pull.


the turntable is a beautiful thorens td160 from the early seventies. the swiss-made machines are a popular choice for vintage audio set ups, known for their great build quality and choice of upgrades.


this table has an upgraded pickup. the tonearm is a stunning british-made early series ii (3009) from sme. the cartridge is a new shure m97xe. it sounds fantastic.


sme are known for the their great design and high-precision engineered components. the company is still going to this day from their factory in west sussex.


work in progress

i did my best to restore the equipment to their former glory. this involved polishing, cleaning and ordering in replacement parts. these products were built to last and its great you can easily find the old service manuals on the web.


im pretty happy how the table turned out. its a small project i knocked out in a couple of weekends. currently, im listening through headphones and the small desktop speakers i made a few years ago.

hopefully, a new pair of speakers should follow in a future project.