around the room

have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

— william morris

i’m really interested in how the spaces we create affect how we feel.

on the extreme end environments such as bars and clubs are specifically designed to be a sensory overload through use of light, colour and sound. other environments work against us on a more subtle level. layout and positioning of furniture can affect how we buy things in shops, choose where to eat or where we sit on public transport. with these spaces we rarely get a say into their design. the ones we create for ourselves are the most tailor made to our feelings and we express this through how we decorate our homes.

our living spaces are the most accessible and also the most varied. there’s a lot of furniture styles, sizes and patterns to choose from. in bustling cities, chances are the communal areas have to conform to a lots of peoples tastes. because of this, the most personal space in the home is your own bedroom. its your own little sanctuary full of memories and possessions and how you organise all these personal artefacts is important to how we feel.

i moved to london at the end of 2014. myself and the housemates were lucky in securing a great victorian mansion block flat in south london. it’s a quirky little space with a strange shared balcony set up that overlooks a communal garden. as this was such a big change for me – a new environment and a new job,  i wanted to do something special with my space.

i’m quite a minimal person and i only want to keep things out if i’m going to use them on a daily basis. the items i do want to keep out must have purpose and a story behind them. in order to do this i aimed to keep all of the big furniture white/light so that they blend into the room. this makes all of the products pop out and add a nice dots of character to the room.

all of the furniture i grabbed from ikea. the chair is new and is modelled on a eames dsw side chair. the red anglepoise lamp i’ve had for a while and stands out the most on the bedside table. it adds a bit of balance to the two main elements of the room:


the analogue set up remains the same as before and it fits neatly in front of the fireplace.the record cabinet is from the ikea PS collection. it has a powder coated stainless steel body throughout and has a nice school locker vibe to it. i had a bit more space to play around with this time and so the receiver and turntable sit in a more natural position side by side.


moving the inside shelf to the top rung will give you space for around 150 records in total. the remaining sliver of shelf space is ideal for extra outer sleeves, cables and brushes. 

i made the record holder myself from pine strip wood and a few lengths of dowel. it’s a simple design, the record leans at a good display angle and there’s enough space to tuck away any inner sleeves.

holder shots

i wanted to make it look like it was designed for records and nothing else. it’s not overbuilt, everything matches the proportions of an lp and it slots into place quite nicely.


i wanted a cool place to work that was more than just a flat surface. i needed something more like a workstation and the freestanding bureau desk from the ikea PS collection was the perfect fit.

it didn’t feel complete so i decided to fit a peg board to the inside back of the desk. together with a bunch of wood dowels and bull dog clips, i’ve turned it into a great place to store and display my day-to-day items, projects, invites and pictures. important things like keys and cards have their own place so i’ve never really lost anything! below is a selection of other things around the room:


this is a later model polaroid camera with flash and close-up lens. although its not as nice as the sx-70 cameras its a nice thing to have around. polaroid film is expensive so this only gets used a few times for house parties.

biorhythms were a massive fad in the 70s. this casio biolator calculated your bodies latest cycle when you input your birth date. you can then work out your current physical, emotional and intellectual state based on your through a handy chart on the battery cover. i just use it for sums.


the iPod mini has always been my favourite design. its not so small that it gets lost in your pocket and it’s curvy miniature design is serious, bordering on playful. i use this mini for commuting – music shouldn’t be interrupted with email notifications

this minimal copper and black alarm clock from karlsson was perfect for the room. it has a smooth movement so there’s no distinct ticking sound – the second hand sweeps around the face beautifully. 


aloe vera is well known for it’s healing and air filtering properties.i bought this plant from a london flower market and housed it in a thick, well worn terracotta pot.

i use this incense holder from muji every day. aromas can really put you into a better mindset. lighting a stick in the evening creates a nice atmosphere to wind down to.


i got into glass bottle cutting a while back for an ongoing project. i’ve pinned down a reliable way of getting a clean cut with wine bottles and made a lot of these small glass holders to give away to friends. 

i’ve posted about my gameboy before. its a neat little device and i brought it up to todays standards by fitting an led backlight to the screen.


the seiko 5 snk series are simple and affordable automatic watches. i went for a beige watchface and switched out the fluffy straps for a punchier green nato strap. its a great, well-built little timepiece.

cut copy released a limited run of lithographs for their third album, zonoscope. the cover art by tsunehisa kimura depicts new york city being engulfed in a waterfall. its a great mental image for when you listen to the album.


the arkaig daypack from trakke goes with me everywhere. its my city companion for work, commuting and traveling about. its beautifully handmade in glasgow and is one hardy piece of kit

not strictly in my room – i bought this giant flip clock for the kitchen to help out with the morning routine. i’m not really a morning person so this thing sets me up for the day when i’m half awake.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

to me, your room has to be a place you look forward to coming back to at the end of the day. of course, my room can get a bit messy and a chaotic space puts me into a bad mindset. overall i feel you should wake up and end each day in an environment you are happy with. i enjoy using my room and i feel this is a nice calming atmosphere to chill out, work and listen to music.